Beers We Found: Roundtable – Episode 6 – American Pale Ales

In this episode, we are joined by the specialist of guests, we reference this annoyingly accurate portrayal of Boston culture, and we reference this actual portrayal of Boston culture. Join us for a brief discussion on Pale Ales, and a […]

Beers We Found Roundtable: Episode 5 – Old Ale

In this week’s episode, Dale orders food, John finds out that all Bourbons are Whiskeys and goes on a ski trip, and Tim complains about effervencense. Join us for Old Ales! Beers in this Episode: Founders – Curmudgeon Foundation Brewing […]

Beers We Found Roundtable: Episode 4 – Saisons

In this week’s episode, Tim tries to sound smart and talks about Saisons for a while, yet confuses Sambuca for Kombucha, Dale can’t come to grasps with a 10 point scale, and special guest John drops a Daria and multiple […]

Beers We Found Roundtable: Episode 3 – Sour Ales

In this week’s episode: Dale admits he doesn’t know what a currant is, special guest Laura says things in a much smaller, cuter, and in a generally more well-spoken tone than we’ve heard to date (she’s funny too guys…), and […]