About Find Those Beers

One brisk fall morning a group of friends headed out to pick up a rare beer release several hours away. When they returned home they realized that they had missed another highly sought after beer release just miles from where they had been. The friends spent hours trying to find a website or tool that clearly communicated beer release information in an easily searchable format. When they couldn’t find one, they decided that they owed it to the craft beer community to create one.

Here at findthosebeers.com, our mission is to make craft beer release tracking easy. No more long drawn out forums or needle in a haystack newsfeed posts. We want you to find those beers so you can enjoy them with family and friends…or all to yourself.

The Team

We comprise of people with a passion for beer. Finding the best beers we can, drinking the best beers we can and most importantly, telling you all about it. We look to not only tell people about where to go to get the best drink, but also share our experiences, and maybe someday, hear back from you.

How We Operate

Find Those Beers tracks and sorts events according to our own beer morals, but we mainly focus on how the beer is presented by the brewer to the general public. Below is how we are categorizing each beer as it is released with our designated category tags.


Reserved for the rarest and most sought after beers.

Brewery Party

The brewery is having a party, you should go check it out.


Sometimes a beer is distributed in local or national markets. Not a rare or brewery exclusive release, but the beer is noteworthy and we think you should know about it.

Initial Release

This is the first time the beer has been released.

Limited Release

These beers are generally available only at the brewery in limited quantities. We want to let you know the time and the place so you can secure your share.

One Time Release

A one off special release that is not expected to be released again.

Seasonal Release

These beers come and go as the seasons change. We will give you a heads up before these beers go into hibernation.